About BCC

Boulder Cricket Club was officially formed in 2007. Unofficially, players from BCC have been part of cricket in Colorado since 2005. BCC is currently compromised of players from or around Boulder Valley and Denver area. BCC were the 2007 Division 2 Championship League Champions. Since then BCC have become a full time member of the Colorado Cricket League.
Club Officers 2019

President: Suresh Ratna Talatoti
Captain: Ben George
Vice Captain: Satya Das
Game / Practice Coordinator: Captain/Vice-Captain/Om Giridhar
Webmaster: Keyur Amin / Praveen Shenoy
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Runner up: 2018 Div2 T20
Ben Geroge: 2018 September Player of the Week
Anthony Chandy: 2018 March Player of the Week
Rinsan Mohamed: 2017 August Player of the Week
Kamal Ponday: 2017 July Player of the Week
Ben George: 2014 Best All Rounder
Kirti Dua: 2014 Umpire of the Year
Manoj Thakur: 2011 December Player of the Week
Manoj Thakur: 2010 Best Article
Manoj Thakur: 2010 December Player of the Week
Keyur Amin: 2010 Twenty20 Knockout- 1st Runner up
Narsimha Sortur: 2010 February Player of the Week
Amit Gandhi: 2010 January Player of the Week
Amit Bahri: 2008 Twenty20 - Best All Rounder
Anand Prasad: 2008 - Best Fielder
Nishant Soni: 2008 - Rookie of the Year
Amit Gandhi: 2008 - Best Batsmen (Tennis Ball Tournament)
Players from Boulder Cricket Club have received several recognitions of their performance in the league:
    - Amit Bahri and Sanjay Velamparambil: Record for highest run partnership for 4th wicket in T20 format; 104 Runs.
    - Keyur Amin: Record for best bowling figure in T20 format; 4-0-13-5.

BCC players have been actively volunteering in Coloardo Cricket League activities:
    - Suresh Ratna Talatoti: CCL Secretary 2008, Vice President 2010, Vice President 2011, CCL President 2016, CCL President 2017, CCL President 2018
    - Ben George: CCL CACU President 2014